How Can You Learn To Respect Other People’s Opinions?

How Can You Learn To Respect Other People’s Opinions?

It is often that people become hostile and revert to offensive dialogue while conversing with people they might not agree with. People are quick to judge the other person over a singular sentence and make them feel like they are being attacked for having an opinion. Well, there are ways you can fix that.

Taking an example from a great conversational-style novel named Interviewing a Regular Joe by John Rose. This novel is a conversation between a radio talk show host and a man she randomly decides to interview. The person being interviewed agrees and states all of the questions he is asked in a subtle and kind tone. The talk show host continues to listen to what he has to say through and through. The talk show host does not act hostile and continues asking him questions to get an insight into the things he has to say. This is the perfect book for those who want to learn how to carry a good conversation. Along with great conversation skills, the book also has a deeply psychological perspective that any intellectual will appreciate.

Besides reading books, there are multiple different ways you can respect other people’s opinions, such as:

Invite Further Questioning

If you want to learn more about the person and know more about their opinion, entice a leading question. Or pass a comment that is supportive such as, “that’s interesting. How does that make you feel?” This sentence can make a person feel like you are interested in a conversation and are inviting dialogue with them, and are in no way hostile toward their opinion.

Let Them Explain

You can not judge a human being by just hearing what headline they carry around. Do not listen to their first stance and come off hastily with your counterargument. Make sure you listen to the person and let them explain why they feel that way and why they have that specific perspective. They have a different way of viewing the world and do not have the same experiences as you, in order to judge them better, make sure you know them enough.

Know That You Do Not Have To Agree With The Person

You should know that people can not shove their opinion in your face. You have the right to disagree with them. You have a different perspective, and a good dialogue with someone does not mean that you agree with them. However, you do not have to bash them just because they think a little differently from you. Continue the conversation and put your thinking on the table. Tell them what you feel and why you feel that way. This is a great way to tell people that you do not agree with them without the conversation turning into a hostile argument.

Avoid Pressurizing People

A great way to respect other people’s opinions is not to make them feel like you’re pressuring them. Make sure that you know when you walk off if the conversation is getting heated or you feel like you’re about to lash out at the other person.

Keep things calm, and you’ll be respected and have your opinion respected by other people.

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