Interviewing A Regular Joe
By John Rose

Must Read for Persons on Their Journey to Self-Discovery

Maxwell Maltz once said, “you can always find the sun within yourself if you will only search.”

We often ask ourselves various questions in our search to discover our purpose, questions like, ‘who am I? Why did I come to this world? What for? How can I become the best version of myself?

These questions, though intriguing, leave us in an unending sea of doubts and dismays as we struggle to come up with the right answers. Answering these questions demand total self-awareness, authentic knowledge of spirituality, the experience of a life lived fully, a broader view of the world, and many more.


Interviewing a regular Joe is a powerful and one-stop-shop approach that answers most of these questions. It is a novel written in a unique style that addresses a highly important aspect of the human personality.

This book will guide you as you figure out almost everything about your personality from religion, ethics, politics, socio-economics, and personal point-of-views. It covers many essential topics that range from faith, future, personal greatness, nutrition, and many others.


This book is the best read for you if you desire to discover your inner self and nourish your content.

Get this book today to grow in your self-discovery journey and realize your full potential.


This book is not fiction; however, the main character, David, appears fictional because he has a superficial understanding of the world and human nature. David will thrill you with his extraordinary and concise answers to the most mysterious puzzles about humans and the world.

A Regular Joe

is your recipe to figure out almost everything about personality based on spirituality, including religion, ethics, politics, socio-economics, and personal point-of-view.
If you are someone who desires to discover your inner self and nourish what your content is, this book is the best read for you. The author John Rose has drawn an effortless portrait of the potential that a human is possessed and capable of.
The cool part is that the author has covered many essential topics that range from faith, future, personal greatness, nutrition, and a bunch of many others.


The main character, David, is an anonymous old folk roaming in the street amid the night. It is where he is challenged to join a program at that moment, and he accepts. The host has asked a plethora of crucial questions, and he answers with confidence and convention.

The well-mannered and spiritual tone of David is extraordinary. For instance, when he is asked various queries about God, superficial forces, the book of Genesis, the essence of Torah, etc., his answers are so thrilling that they will fascinate and clear your mind at the same time.


Is it hard to bite one’s tongue? This question highlights the ethical aspect of a personality that David answers by referring to Zeno of Cyprus. He answers that the bliss of two ears and a single tongue influence the dominance of listening over speaking.

John Rose has clearly illustrated the moral and personal point of view that we must practice mastering humanity. You will read that how greatly the author devalues nuclear war morally. He denies calling it war. Instead, he calls it a war of extermination.


He leaves no stone unturned to disentangle the complex concepts that hit everyone’s mind. If you are someone who wants to understand the world and stay ahead in life, reading Interviewing a regular Joe by John Rose will pave the path for you.
This book has questions that everybody has to have answers to. Without any further ado, place an order and grab your copy. You will surely upgrade your views of human beings and humanity.

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