What A Footballer!
By John Rose

“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope!”

These words from Martin Luther King Jr. draw the image of life with endless problems. Life will push you to a situation full of chaos and hardships. It is your hope that will pave the path for you.

Does hope make life easier for you? Do your efforts end your problems forever? Can you face the hardships of life again after living a prosperous life? How can you never lose the infinite hope to beat the disappointments of your life?

You will definitely come across these questions if you are conscious of your existence in this world. Getting answers to these queries will take massive efforts and a great deal of your precious time if you figure it out on your own.


Well, you don’t need to put so much burden on your shoulders, What a footballer! by John Rose will ease your burden. It is a thrilling and phenomenal story. The author, John Rose, has expertly crafted the story of a poor boy going through the difficulties and struggles of life and how his struggles changed his way of living for him.


John Rose is an incredible author with amazing expertise. He thrives on providing his readers with something that can improve their lives in every aspect. For instance, he focuses on human beings' spiritual, cultural, and socioeconomic aspects. His writing style is unique and based on jaw-dropping storytelling techniques.


With several successful publications, Rose has always offered value to his readers. His book, The Rise And Fall Of A Poor Man, has ranked number one on Amazon in its genre in 2017. Readers love his writings and the value they get from reading him.

What a Footballer!

Exciting story that will take you on a ride to see the different life stages of a poor boy. Poor boy turned wealthy and successful and ruined back to poor after a certain time; this gripping story has a lot of thrills for you!

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A talented poor boy, Daniel Malka, gets an opportunity to represent a football club. His struggles and hope in life shift his living standards, and he gets a huge fortune. With an enriched lifestyle of money, fame, luxurious rides, and everything he desires, Daniel lives his life to the fullest.

Money and fame are two of the most powerful assets that a human can possess. They can shift someone to become the best or the worst. Daniel grew up in hardships, and his relationship with survival was harsh. The only hope that keeps him on the right track is his passion, Football.


As better time follows the worst, Daniel gets his desired life, and he can effortlessly do what he desires. He has the liberty to spend wherever he desires. However, he was a poor boy who is now a different individual; how can he deal with the new lifestyle and its challenges? How can he embrace the positives of money and fights its negatives?

Daniel has a poverty-stricken mindset, and he ends up losing his fortune on unnecessary things. He ruins his life with luxury expenses, false companions, and girls. This way, he gets back to his old life.


But this time, he has a lesson in his mind. All he wants is his wealth back, and he will wisely start his new life. The question is will he get back what he lost? Will Daniel start a new life with the wealth he has and never lose his money all over again?
Rose has organized and written this masterpiece in a unique way that will grip you and never let you stop reading it. What are you waiting for? Get your copy and start reading it; What a footballer! by John Rose will never disappoint you!

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