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What a Footballer!

What a Footballer!

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“Daniel Malka began with nothing. He earned everything by blood, sweat and tears. He won many championships for his club and for the national team. However, unexpected misfortune ruined his life.”

What a Footballer tells the story of a poor boy named Daniel Malka who got the opportunity to represent a football club and moved from extreme poverty to great riches. With an enriched lifestyle of money, fame, luxurious rides, and everything he desired, Daniel lived his life to the fullest, albeit carelessly.

Before long, he lost everything his career gave him, his fame, money, connections, even his health, through lavish spending and careless associations. He ruined his life with luxury expenses, false companions, and mixing with the wrong girls. He quickly returned to his old life of pain and hunger, unfulfilled hopes and aspirations, mockery and disappointment.

Money and fame are two of the most powerful assets that a human can possess. They either bring out our best or our worst, depending on how we handle them. Daniel handled money and fame the wrong way. He grew up in hardships, and his relationship with survival was harsh. So he saw careless spending and associating with the wrong crowd as his way to run from poverty. Oh, how wrong he was!

He has now learned his lessons. All he wants is his wealth back as he promises to start a new life and live wisely if given a second chance. The question is will he get a second chance? Will he get back all he lost? Will Daniel start a new life if he regains his wealth and never lose his money all over again? Has he truly learned his lessons?

Packed with life lessons, this book tells a story that many of us can relate to. It tells a ‘behind the scenes' story of how people (like us) handle fame, wealth, pains, challenges, and struggles of everyday life. Is there a chance for redemption? Will Daniel and several others rise again?

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From the same author of "Rise and Fall of a Poor man" which was #1 on in 2017.

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