Story of How People Handle Fame, Wealth, Pains, Challenges, and Struggles of Everyday Life

Story of How People Handle Fame, Wealth, Pains, Challenges, and Struggles of Everyday Life

Success and fame are the two primary goals of every person in life, especially the youth. Fame seems like glittering water in an infinite desert, but it is a double-edged knife. 

Fame is a hard-earned honor with many benefits as well as challenges. Coming under the spotlight demands unending efforts and tiresome hardworking. Consequently, you enjoy the perks of wealth and luxuries in life. 

However, these perks do not last long since they are always in close touch with pains and struggles that can blur the luxury of your life. The way we perceive successful people and visualize the life they spend, we never limit our curiosity to be the next them. 

The drawback with fame is that it obliges the person under the talks of the town to put extra effort into maintaining the fame. Since fame is a double-edged knife, one can’t hold it for longer with an incorrect grip. 

It is what John Rose has sketched, a story with many lessons in his book, What A Footballer. A young, hardworking, financially struggling boy named Daniel Malka followed his passion for playing football. 

Daniel took the plunge of representing a popular football club after showcasing his skills many times in different places. His unending and unconditional hard work paid him generously after his selection to the club team. 

This selection allowed him to pave the pathway for cashing out his early efforts. His stunning and winning performances in his team led him to fortune and fame at the same time. 

His painful and depriving past put him into a situation where he could do nothing but regain the lost moments of his life. He got fame, wealth, and connections with high-profile individuals that astray him from sticking to his passion. 

After a successful peak in his life of fame, he pushed himself to drown back to the depth of poverty. This time, he faced even harsh times because facing the spotlight in an altered and different situation was challenging and embarrassing. 

His life went back to dwelling on a painful life full of hardships and misery. He had the lessons of his wrongdoings this time. All he wanted was a resurrection to change his life to the way he once had achieved. He learned in a harsh way that mishandling anything could cost him his closest and precious things. 

He decided and promised firmly to himself that he would not repeat the mistakes that put him in a miserable cell back again. He got another chance where he regained his status and fame, this time with excellent wealth and fame management and restraint. 

Through his resurrection and adorable comeback in his life, he tried various acts and habits that strengthened his survival chances. These lessons are what John Rose has compiled in his book What a Footballer. 

Rose's heartwrenching and eye-catching storytelling expertise will uplift your mood and learning experience. You will feel your feet in Daniel’s shoes while reading the life events that Rose captures in the story. The lessons hold defined clarity that will grab your attention to understand and implement them in your life. 

Hence, What a Footballer is a must-read for you if you have a robust will to do great in your life and achieve well-defined success with long-lasting fame and fortune.

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